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      (Industrial touch equipment) - make your smart home pleasing

      Release date:2015-5-4 Information Sources:Foshan Nanhai Lishui Ruikai Metal Products Co..Ltd. Views:2173Secondary

      (Industrial touch equipment) - let your smart home pleasing, environmentally friendly touch equipment, industrial touch equipment, integrated touch equipment
      1. The product can be used as a coffee table.
      2. The product contains the system host, can be used directly as a computer.
      3. Products 42-inch high-definition LCD screen, the use of the latest technology 6-point nano touch technology, can directly touch the control computer system can support more than people at the same time
      4. With the software, you introduce the company, the company's products to promote the weapon, so that your customers never forget.
      5. With the software, it will be your smart home control point, so that your smart home feast for the eyes.
      Industrial touch equipment   http://www.explorus-travel.com/products-detail.asp?cpid=51

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